During Pregnancy

You have the option to help us find and determine the best adoptive parents for your baby.

During pregnancy, PA Adoption will help you cope with your medical and emotional needs at this stressful time and make informed decisions in the best interests of your child. With complete confidentiality, we will guide and counsel you through all of the issues that are part of the adoption process — without the pressure of meeting the expectations of others:

  • Discussing the available alternatives including parenting, adoptive placement and temporary foster care.
  • Assertive outreach efforts to encourage birth fathers to participate in planning for their child.
  • Information and referral to appropriate community resources.
  • Respecting the birth parents’ desire for continuity of identity of the child’s cultural, religious and racial background.

PA Adoption also participates in agency-assisted adoptions where the birth parents have selected adoptive parents on their own. Either way, we provide the necessary counseling and family services to help you make the best decision.