Expecting Parents

You’re pregnant and not ready to be a parent… what now?

We encourage you to choose adoption, the same decision being made by a growing number of people across Pennsylvania.

As an expecting parent, you have the right and the responsibility to make permanent plans for your child and to be fully involved in the planning process. Caring, experienced counselors will guide and support you, confidentially, to develop an adoption plan that makes you feel responsible and comfortable.

PA Adoption enables you to take part in selecting an adoptive family. Birth parents who are considering an adoption plan select the adoptive couple from profiles that contain non-identifying information on the prospective applicants. Like many parents who chose adoption for their child, you will have the option of continuing contact with your child as he or she grows.

Please browse through the many supportive services offered by PA Adoption, both during pregnancy and after the birth of your child. You will be reassured by the love and guidance we offer to you and members of your family in this stressful time.